Virtual stars and other heavenly bodies for linux

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Virtual stars and other heavenly bodies for linux

Post by jamied_uk on 2nd August 2015, 01:42

Virtual stars and other heavenly bodies for linux

sudo apt-get install -y stellarium

Once loaded you can use the following keyboard short-cuts:

; toggles an and off an orbital line

T switches direction

= and - are for changing time to either past or future for prediction and postdiction (made a new word there to mean opposite of prediction, in other words the past!)

page up and page down for zooming in / out

mouse wheel for zooming in / out

left and right arrows on keyboard for viewing direction like N S E or West

up and down arrow keys on keyboard for perspective angle change to view from the earth as the earth as standing on a surface of earth etc!

you can also click and drag with mouse objects , and you can click objects for more detailed info on them!

you can click on an object then use the space-bar on the keyboard to aim at that object selected!

Press the L button on the keyboard for auto time warping! (my favourite button so far tbh) pressing multiple times speeds up faster and faster!

D button shows and hides certain objects

K seems to stop auto rotation

O draws some orbital line (not sure what for yet!

R shows star sign symbols!

S shows / hides certain objects

Z shows / hides quadrant sectors lines

[ and ] rotates angle slightly!

/ and \ zooms in and out

A toggles stars on and off

I toggles on and off other objects

G toggles on and off total darkness
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