using android apps for hacker testing is not a good idea

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using android apps for hacker testing is not a good idea

Post by jamied_uk on 17th January 2012, 18:16

this is an email i had to send a developer (of the android app hacker test
To: Edit this addressRemove this address
your suppose to tell me when you are finished and report back the results you failed in every way and PS i realize because of your Spam that icmp packets exploit allowed you to do this, and i have since fixed this issue but you didn't tell me this before i got threatened with blocked and also reported for spamming people that I was not (hotmail) it was actually the case that it had originated from your crappy android app!

so do what you say your going to do and not what you want to do, morons.

PPS i will let people know NOT to get this crappy free app!
End of email

so do not install android apps called am i hacker proof unless you have already disabled icmp forwarding, look at the post i made how to fix this expolit for both windows / and linux systems.

The app is again called
Am I Hacker Proof


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